Upcoming gigs

  • Feb 17

    Mac's Restaurant & Nightclub


  • Feb 20



  • Feb 21

    Schmizza Public House


  • Feb 22

    Cascade Bar & Grill


  • Feb 23

    Merlins Bar Ty Curtis Show


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Hello fellow drummers and fans!

Thank you for visiting my site. Check out my calendar and see where I will be playing next..Also you can always catch me every week (when not on the road) at Billy Blues Bar and Grill (Vancouver WA)  on Tuesdays for the weekly (Tuesday Night music showcase) and also on Thursdays (when not out on the road) at the Cascade Bar and grill (Vancouver WA) for the weekly Jam Band PDX hosting the open jam nights. 

Interested in signing up for lessons.. I am open for lessons in my home studio in Vancouver WA. I have open spots on Mondays and Tuesdays. I teach all styles with an emphasis on Funk, R&B and Rock..

Send me a message in the contact section and we can get you set up for lessons..

Jerry Jacques Instruction Book in paperback and eBook format & DVD to be released Soon-

Working title [Lessons from the Teaching Studio-A Practical Approach for the Working Drummer]  

The Book will cover reading basics, concept of creating a groove and making it feel good (to play relaxed) 

The book will cover various styles of music and cover groove concepts relating to different styles of Music.

The book will also cover not only how to playing a groove to various styles of music but also a very important aspect "I believe" and that is my views on conveying a vibe to go along with the different styles that you will play..

Wait for the Book and DVD to come out and you will see what I am talking about.. Skill, Yes, Being a great player, Yes.....but also about attitude "Vibe" that you convey to your listening audience In the DVD you will see examples from the book as well as a showcase covering all aspects of what I will be talking about in the book.. 

Topics will include:

Basics of groove: from start to finish the groove must go on! if you play a fill that groove must still be in the feel.. don't loose it and then go back to playing the groove.. Remember Less in more. better to error on the side of caution then to error on the side of train wreak!

Learn the various styles: The more styles you know the more you will work. Plain and simple.. Learn the various styles Know the difference between playing a funk groove and a country groove.. I will show example of different styles.

Know the Material: If you get hired to play a gig.. especially an original artist gig.. Take the time to know the artist material.. Inside and Out.. They hired you to do a job so show respect and do your homework.. If it a vocalist you are playing for, take the time to listen to the lyrics and know what the song is about this will help you in expressing the vibe of the tune.

Song Examples: I will play along with some tracks showing examples of different Songs and Styles, Jazz, Fusion, Pop, Funk, Country, Blues and more and explain along the way..

Fills and Thrills: I will unlock my approach to playing a fill and also show and write out a few of my own fills. It's not all about flash but as drummers we have fun and sometimes can't help to bring out the flash once in a while. You have to remember when to use chops and flashy fills.. Remember Chops and flash will not get you hired (playing songs will) but it's nice to have a little flash under the hood to bring out once in a while.. Especially if you are playing a clinic in front of a bunch of drummers.

People Skills: I will discuss this topic and this in some ways might be more important than your playing...To be a working drummer and keep getting hired to play you have to be able to get along with other band mates, you have to have a positive attitude.. Keep your ego at the door... They have to like you regardless of how you play.. They hire you for a gig.. (Say thank you). Show them you are interested in the music and you appreciate the opportunity to work with them. Always have a positive attitude. I will go deeper into this subject in the book and DVD.

 Stay Tuned!!